Visible street numbers mean quicker response

Published 10:06 pm Monday, August 9, 2004

By By ANNA M. LEE Managing Editor
Project Impact of Brewton has been working this year on a project that will make homes in the Brewton area easier to identify by emergency responders.
Street numbers that are hard to identify from the road can affect the amount of time it takes ambulances, law officers and fire fighters to get to a person in distress. Project Impact members are working to provide street number signs that will be easy for emergency responders to recognize, making their travel time to emergency locations much quicker.
Alabama Power is donating $500 to get Project Impact started on that goal.
The group will purchase metal signs, reflective lettering and stakes and then sell them to the public at their cost. One estimate values just the signs at $5.75 each.
With the cost for lettering and posts, the signs should be available for under $10. Income from sale of the signs will be reinvested in purchasing more signs.
The highly visible signs will like be color-coded, signaling to emergency responders whether street numbers are increasing or decreasing -- one more way to reduce the time it takes to reach persons in need of help.
Before the next Project Impact meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 8, Weaver and other members of the group will investigate prices and availability of the signs, letters and posts, and develop guidelines for installation and placement of the signs.
Individuals or groups interested in donating to this effort of Project Impact should contact Weaver at 867-7165.

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