Start running and never quit

Published 10:42 pm Monday, August 16, 2004

By Staff
Never quit!
We see in the Olympic Games the athletes from different nations competing at the highest level. Realizing the discipline needed to even get a chance to be in the games is outstanding and very demanding. It affects the person's total commitment and lifestyle. It involves their waking hours, as well as their time of resting. They know it requires their best, their very best. In the games only one gets the top prize. But that is not true in the race marked out for us as Christians.
Keep your eyes on Jesus. Study how He did it. Remember, just finishing the race we get the prize. The race is ours to run. Another can not do it for us. A parent can not run the race for their children. A spouse can not run the race for their spouse. The pastor can not run the race for their church members. No, it is up to us to finish the race. The good news is no matter what hinders you, if you keep your eyes on Jesus and never quit, you will receive the eternal reward God has for you.

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