God never changes his mind

Published 11:21 pm Monday, August 23, 2004

By Staff
It was a coffee get together in the office of one of the doctors at the Veteran's hospital. The two doctors and the chaplain were just talking when one of the doctors related that he no longer cared for this minister who he had had great respect for but that he likes one of the associate ministers. I asked, "why the change in attitude?" He responded, "Oh, he is always on this abortion kick. That it is the killing of an innocent life. I believe in the right of a woman's choice."
As Jesus was moved concerning the crippled woman and had compassion on her and healed her. So today, God in Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord, through the Holy Spirit's gifts of healing imparted to his Church, the Body of Christ, is healing the lame, blind, all sicknesses and brokenness of relations regardless what you may think or hear. Jesus Christ is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
Rev. David Bromstad is the pastor of
First United Methodist
Church of East Brewton

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