Many contribute to the success of football

Published 11:49 pm Thursday, August 26, 2004

By Staff
High school football season will start soon, and we at The Standard have done our part to fuel the excitement with the 2004 Football special section in this issue.
What we've found is that there are hundreds of students and adults behind all of the work it takes to bring together one of our community's most beloved events -- a fall friday night football game.
Behind the boys who sweat and punish themselves through daily practice are teams of coaches who must make an array of decisions to put the football teams at their best advantage. Alongside the football teams are cheerleaders, band members, majorettes and flag corps members, who endure the same rigorous practice schedules to ensure spectators get a show worth watching on Friday nights. And again, all of those students are supported and encouraged by sponsors and directors.
Finally, parents and involved community members get together to form each school's Quarterback Club and Band Boosters, raising funds and providing support throughout the year.
The final contribution comes from all of the fans who turn out to cheer on those boys and girls who march onto the football field each weekend, putting on their best performances. As a football-loving community, we owe them all our gratitude for their efforts.

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