Reader poses question to Tullis

Published 11:48 pm Thursday, August 26, 2004

By Staff
To the editor:
I would like to publicly address these questions to Poarch Creek Tribal Chairman Eddie Tullis.
Last week I read of your vision for Poarch and Atmore from the local papers. Let me say I admire your passion for this vision, but I have a question that I'd like for you to address.
Would you tell me how much money the Poarch Creek Indians gave to tribal members last year in the form of college scholarships As I recall, several years ago, during the planning stages of the Creek Indian Bingo Palace, one of the attractive features of having Creek Bingo was a certain percentage of profits would go into a trust fund to be used for tribal members to attend college. Can you tell me how much of these funds have actually been given as scholarships to tribal members?
I agree that expansion and economic development is good for Poarch and the Atmore community, but educating your tribal members also should rank among issues that are important.
S. Agerton

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