Property tax notices will be arriving soon

Published 2:28 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Escambia County property owners will begin receiving property tax notices as early as this Friday, Oct. 1.
Tax Assessor Jim Hildreth said many residents will be in sticker shock when they receive the notices.
Escambia County voters approved the 10 mil increase for public education last December.
Hildreth said in Brewton and Atmore, the 10 mil increase will be a net increase of approximately 25 percent; in Flomaton, the increase will be approximately 29 percent; in East Brewton, 27 percent; and in the county approximately 40 percent.
Hildreth said the assessed value of property is "pretty much firm" at this point.
Property taxes are paid in arrears; that is, notices being mailed this week are for Oct. 1, 2003, through Sept. 30, 2004.
Hildreth said anyone who had substantial property damage from Hurricane Ivan that has not been repaired by Oct. 1 of this year should report the damage to the tax assessor's office.
He said property owners with damage may call or stop by the assessor's office to report damages, or they may use an online valuation form. That form may be accessed with the following steps:
Property owners who have more than one parcel need to specify the property on which the damage is located.
Property taxes are due by Dec. 31.

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