Take advantage of convenient canned foods

Published 2:22 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

By Staff
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can't say thank you enough times to thank all of the wonderful people that came to aid all of Escambia County during our devastation. We really appreciate the fine efforts all the relief workers made to help us get our lives back to normal. We hope and pray that they will be kept safe as they return to their own homes across the nation.
As we return to some phases of normalcy, like electricity, football games, gas, no curfew and eating at home for a change, many of our grocery stores should be stocked with great bargains on canned foods. Take advantage of this.
Commercially canned foods can last two years on the shelf. Foods that are shelf stable do not require refrigeration until opened. Commercial canned fruits and vegetables have a safety rate and are just as nutritious as their fresh and frozen counterparts.
Canned food only needs to be warmed through before serving because it has already been cooked in the can. Soups and stews are canned as soon as they are prepared to ensure the ultimate in freshness.
Canning is one of the safest ways to preserve foods while maintaining vitamin and nutrient levels. Available year-round, canned foods can easily be added to favorite recipes for a convenient meal solution.
Timesaving Recipe Tips
The good news is you don't have to sacrifice health and nutrition even when you're in a rush. You can enjoy the convenience of canned food for meals packed with flavor, vitamins, minerals and protein. Here are a few tips and culinary hints from Mealtime to help you save hours in the kitchen.
Pack the Pantry
Stock up in advance so you can have ingredients ready and available at any time.
Canned food works extremely well because it stays fresh and keeps its nutritional value for a long time and a long shelf life.
Pantry Pairings
Canned soup, stew and chili make dinner as easy as open, heat and enjoy. If it's cool outside, warm up inside with a can of soup, stew or chili. Prepared soup, stew and chili easily can be paired with your favorite sandwich or salad for a complete meal:
Plan Ahead
Cook in bulk and cook less often. Certain types of foods and meals keep well and even improve their flavor after being refrigerated for a day or two. Soups, stews and many sauces are perfect examples.
Use the Freezer
Freeze homemade leftovers for a variety of instant meals and side dishes.
Source: The American Dietetic Association's Complete Food &Nutrition Guide.