We've received much, and should give back

Published 2:31 am Wednesday, September 29, 2004

By Staff
In the past two weeks, Escambia County residents have been the beneficiaries of many acts of kindness. Not only have neighbors reached out to help each other, but countless volunteers have been among us, parts of religious or civic groups organized to help others in times of great need.
Many relief workers also volunteered to travel to our area, living in the same primitive conditions as local residents did following the storm.
The volunteers served countless meals, removed tons of debris, and continue to do many good works.
Already, we are in much better shape than we were, and things seem to look up every day. As we recover, we need to be mindful of the needs of those in other parts of the United States and the world suffering other disasters. Already, Hurricane Jeanne has followed Ivan, moving again through Florida and killing more than 1,000 people in Haiti. When measured in human losses, Ivan was a small puff of wind by comparison.
As we recover, our time to give back will come. When that time comes, don't forget all of the helping hands that have reached out to us in our time of great need. We'll have an obligation to return the favor.

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