Bringing people together, 'Battle' builds community

Published 4:12 am Wednesday, October 20, 2004

By Staff
Healthy football rivalries are beloved tradition in the South, and this Friday night, many will witness this community's local version in "The Battle of Murder Creek."
Since 1946, Miller and Neal have met on the football field 61 times, for a competition that is always exciting and emotional for area fans. Directing loyalty to one school or the other may be confusing for many who attended one school but send their children to the other, or who work for one school system while they themselves or their children went to the other.
In fact, the communities of Brewton and East Brewton so overlap, "choosing sides" is rarely clear-cut, nor is it necessary.
The different community elements of Brewton and East Brewton are found again and again to benefit one another and to have an impact on everyone, regardless of what side of the creek they live, work or go to school on.