Fontaine family connections

Published 4:03 am Wednesday, October 20, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
I want to include some material on the Fontaine family for all of those who descend from the Brewton line in Escambia County. The Brewton family was connected to the Fontaine family in several ways, so there is no doubt that those who are researching the Brewton family should keep this in mind. I have gone to the website and found lots of information. I have no way of knowing if this material has been verified. Use this information to begin and verify it before taking it for the truth.
Jean de la Fontaine (abt. 1375 in France) is believed to have descended from Jean de la Fontaine, who fought in the First Crusade in 1099, and maintains descent from Arthur, Duke of Brittany. There is a book entitled "From Riches to Rags to Respectability-A Fontaine Family," written by Winston F. Fontaine and published for the author by Alabama Ancestors, Mobile, Ala., 1987, which contains much of this material.
Jean de La Fontaine married Buyonne de Monthibault (abt. 1375 in France) and they had a son, Guy de la Fontaine born about 1400 in France.
Guy de la Fontaine, Lord of Seville, married Buyonne de Audigne (abt. 1400 in France). They had a son, Jean de la Fontaine (abt. 1425 in France) who married Guyonne le Royer (abt. 1425 in France). Their son, Arthur de la Fontaine (abt. 1450 in France) married first, Susanne de Gordon (abt.. 1450 in France) and second, Catherine de Souvre. He and Susanne had a son, Gilles de la Fontaine (abt. 1475 in France). He married and had a son, Jean de la Fontaine (abt. 1500 in France). Both Gilles and his son were converted to Protestantism about 1535.
Jean de la Fontaine (abt. 1500 in Maine Province, France-1563) received a commission in the household of Francis I and served through the reigns of Henry II and Francis II, and until the second year of Charles IX. In 1563, he, his wife, one son and a faithful valet were assassinated by members of the Catholic Church.
One of his sons was one Jacques de la Fontaine (1549 in France-1633 in Rochelle, Poitou Province, France) who along with two brothers, escaped when his parents were murdered. He was born during his father's time at court. Whether he was born at court or not has not been determined. He left property at Rochelle. He was married twice and had several children by his first wife. He should have remained a widower, because his second wife was a wicked woman who tried to poison him. Though she did not succeed, the offense was too well known to be hushed up. She was taken to prison, tried and condemmed to death.
A son of the first marriage was James Fontaine (1603 in Rochelle, Poitou Province, France-1666 in Jenouille-Jaffe Estate, Veaux, France). After leaving college, James visited London and became engaged to Elizabeth Thompson, whom he married and carried back to France. They were the parents of several children and after the death of his first wife, he married in 1641, Marie Chaillon (1615 in Rue au Roy near Pons, Saintonge, France). He had an older half brother with the same name. Therefore, he was known as James the Younger. He and his second wife were the parents of James Fontaine (7 April 1658 in Jenouille-Jaffe Estate, Veaux, France.)
James the Younger received his degree at the college of Guienne, finishing second in a class of 14. He escaped to England with his fiance, Anne Boursiquot, and arrived Dec. 1, 1685 at Appledore. The family moved to Cork, Ireland in 1694 and later moved to Dublin. He and his wife are buried at St. Stephens Green in Dublin.
I will continue with the information I have on the Fontaine family next week.
He and Anne Elizabeth Boursiquot were married 8 Feb. 1686 in Par Church, Barnstable, North Devon, England. I will continue with this next week. and they became parents of at least eight children, all born in Ireland.
One of those children was Francis Fontaine (16 Sept. 1696 in Cork, Ireland-1749 in York County, Va. He was the first of this line to settle in America. I will continue with the Fontaine family next week and tie them to the Bruton (Brewton) family.