House blaze used to train firefighters

Published 5:10 am Monday, November 1, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
A house fire blazed on Patrick Street in Brewton Thursday night while firemen watched, but this was no ordinary fire.
This firewas deliberately set, not once, but several times, to give local firemen the opportunity to practice firefighting in a real-life situation.
Brewton Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver said the controlled burn was the culmination of training that members of the Brewton Fire Department and local volunteer departments have been undergoing since April.
In-house instructors from the fire department were Capt. Ronnie Thompson, lead instructor, Sgt. Robert Crenshaw, Sgt. Jeff Salter, Firefighter/EMT Dylan Byrd and Firefighter/EMT Joey Hutchcraft. Students for this class were Jennifer Tyler, Michael Tyler and Kenith Harrelson, all of Appleton VFD; John Wilson and Debra Wilson of Roberts VFD; Greg Sanford, Chastity Peebles, Mandy Peebles and Kimberlye Wilson, all of Poarch VFD; Jeremy Lee of Lambeth VFD and Edmond Steele Jr., Clyde Northrop, William Varner, Colby Langham and Kevin Baggett, all of the Brewton Fire Department.
These firefighters have finished the training and in two weeks will take the state exam which will make them Certified Volunteer Fire Fighters.
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