Fourth grade students would vote if they could

Published 5:21 am Wednesday, November 3, 2004

By By ANNA M. LEE Managing Editor
Though Brewton Elementary School teacher Kelly Ball's fourth grade class will have to wait about a decade to vote, they already know how important voting is.
For about two weeks, the class studied the election, guided by a special Scholastic publication called "Election 2004." Students learned about the election process, each presidential candidate and the issues affecting this election.
Once students had completed their study of Election 2004, Ball asked them to write about who they would vote for if they could vote for president and why.
Also, the entire student body of Brewton Elementary School voted in a mock election organized by Teresa Lucas and the enrichment program.
In that election, 72.5 percent of the student body voted for George W. Bush, 19.7 percent voted for John Kerry, 3.5 percent voted for Ralph Nader and 4.3 percent voted for other candidates.
For Ball's class, deciding who they would vote for wasn't the end of their election project. The students spent Tuesday outside of Brewton Elementary School -- even through the rain -- carrying signs and encouraging passers-by to go to the polls. Campaigning for no particular candidate, but for the election process in general, cheered for people who indicated that yes, they had voted.