Parker family from England

Published 5:51 am Wednesday, November 10, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
I have written about the Parker family in Escambia County before but I happened to find more material at the Historical Society's archives at JDCC. It was compiled by several people, Col. John D. Long, the family of Edna Parker Murphy, Ruth Watters Burk, Mary Watters Jackson and Joseph A. Jackson. I have not personally researched this family.
The Parkers in England were prominent land owners and supported the Church of England. They apparently lived in Southampton and it is uncertain just when they came to America.
The people who compiled this material believe that the line goes back to two brothers and two sisters, John Parker, William Parker, Margery Parker Pyke and Margaret Parker Pierce. John Parker, who married Marie, was born abt. 1550 and died before Sept. 12. 1612. They had at least two children, Elizabeth (abt. 1585) and George Parker (bef. 1600-1639). With the custom of the time, George inherited from his father by right of entailment. He married Abigail Barlow (1599) daughter of Edward Barlow and Joan Richton. His children were Robert Parker, George Parker II, Anne Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Abigail Parker, John Parker and Margery Parker.
George Parker II (1627-1674) married Florence Cade (1635) who came to Virginia abt. 1660. He was a major in the militia, high sheriff, a commissioner and a judge in Accomac County, Virginia. Their children were George Parker, John Parker, Phillip Parker, Charles Parker, Abigail Parker and Margaret Parker.
Their son, John Parker (abt. 1650-1730 in Somerset County, Maryland) married Tabitha Truitt. Their children were George Parker, John Parker, Tabitha Parker, Philip Parker, Charles Parker, Samuel Parker, Eleanor Parker, Sarah Parker and Leah Parker.
Their son George Parker (1698-1770) married twice, first to a Sarah and second to and Elizabeth. George's son, John Parker (1740-1793) married Sarah Gordy (1743-1825). He fought in the Revolutionary War in a Delaware unit. While he was born and married in Sussex County, his will indicates that he died in Greene County, Ga. Sarah Gordy (11 Oct. 1743-28 Sept. 1825) was the daughter of Peter and Catherine Gordy and the granddaughter of Moses and Ann Gordy. Their children were Hannah Parker (2 April 1761) who married Levi King, Jacob Parker (2 Aug. 1764) who married Mary Galloway, Priscilla Parker (12 April 1767) who married John Galloway, John Parker (22 June 1769) who married Patty Hogan, Elizabeth Parker (28 April 1772) who married James Humphries, Mary Parker (20 Aug. 1774) who married Samuel Parker, William Parker (27 Jan. 1778) who married Christiana Mathews, Peter Parker (20 Oct. 1780) who married Tool and Elisha Parker (5 Dec. 1782) who married Nancy Baker.
John Parker and Sarah Gordy's daughter, Mary Parker (20 Aug. 1774-1861), married Samuel Parker. He was born 1771 and they are believed to be cousins. Their son, John Parker (1793- 4 March 1862) married first a full blooded Indian, Winnie Hunt (4 Dec. 1797-22 Aug. 1857), and second Matilda Giddens (born 23 Sept. 1807).
I want to get a little bit more into the move to Alabama and I will check these records more closely to see if there is any other connections I have missed before getting into the children of John Parker and Winnie Hunt.

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