Eager for limited flu shots, people line up hours early

Published 6:52 am Thursday, November 18, 2004

By By LYDIA GRIMES Feature Reporter
The Escambia County Health Department was a crowded scene on Wednesday morning as people waited to receive flu vaccinations. People began to arrive two to three hours before the department opened at 8 a.m., hoping to be at the front of the line and receive a shot before they were all gone. Because vaccinations were limited to people in high risk categories, many of those in line were elderly or in poor health.
Paula Dubose, office manager with the Escambia County Health Department, stated that it was unfortunate that things were as hectic as they were.
Dubose went on to say that the shortage of the vaccine has only pointed out the problem of influenza. It has been talked about more and more in the media and has been brought to the attention of more and more people.
The Escambia County Health Department hopes to receive more vaccine in the near future. In the meantime, they ask that everyone follow a few simple rules of cleanliness and carefulness in dealing with the public.