Goodbye to my second home

Published 7:03 am Monday, November 22, 2004

By Staff
This is my last column for The Standard. For the next week, I'll be running between Tennessee and Atmore, hoping all along that my vision of a dream wedding is fulfilled. And then I'll settle down into wedded life and try to coax a Tennessee newspaper into giving me another chance like the one I've had here in Brewton.
I've met so many people during the last year at The Brewton Standard, and a few of them have shown themselves to be truly exceptional and giving people, but humble and not seeking the glory I think they deserve.
One of those people is Lisa Thomas. I first met Lisa this year as she was planning her walk to Montgomery to draw attention to needs of the poor and elderly. After she completed that walk, I thought, "I'll never again doubt that woman's ability to accomplish something she sets out to do."
Everyday, Lisa accomplishes something acceptable by dedicating her time to feeding people in need. I've wondered how she can care for herself when all of her time goes toward caring for others, but she does it. I hope that if Lisa ever finds herself in need, this community realizes what it owes her and cares for her in return.
I know Lisa is planning an ambitious 40-day walk to Washington, D.C., next year. Lisa, if your walk takes you through the Knoxville area, I'd like to meet you on the road and walk a ways with you.
Another person I've met in Brewton who astonishes me with her energy and leadership abilities is Ruth Harrell. Through her involvement with the Coalition for a Healthier Escambia County and other committees, I've seen how good Ruth is at coordinating people and making them feel like their input is appreciated.
Also, I get the feeling that Ruth's agenda is booked solid with activities and meetings meant to improve the well-being of people here and in other parts of the state.
Though Ruth calls Flomaton home, I think she's close enough to Brewton and works enough for this whole county to be considered an important resource.
Standard sports editor Bruce Hixon asked me about my most memorable moments from this job. After some thought, several things stand out in my mind:
Through all of the excitement and everyday activities of Brewton and East Brewton over the last year, I've learned a lot and enjoyed myself.
I want to say thanks to everyone who's taken the time to talk to me this year, and thanks to my team mates at The Standard for being such a pleasure to work with.

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