East Brewton agrees to target abandoned cars

Published 7:13 am Wednesday, November 24, 2004

East Brewton residents who have abandoned or junked cars on their property should begin making plans to move them.
The City Council voted Monday night to have Police Chief Wilson Mallard immediately begin enforcing its ordinance requiring the removal of abandoned vehicles. Councilman Henry Hooks brought the issue to the table, and council members Huey Johnson and Byron Palmer supported it. Council members Kenny Hultz and Wayne Howard were not present.
The city's ordinance defines any vehicle which is "in a wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, discarded or otherwise inoperable condition" or "does not have affixed to it an unexpired license plate" as an abandoned vehicle.
The ordinance states that property owners will be notified by mail and given 30 days to remove the vehicle, or a date for a hearing if one is requested. Those who do not comply with the ordinance may be prosecuted. Violations are punishable by:
In his motion, Hooks as that Chief Mallard report his progress in addressing the issue at each council meeting.
Myra Pugh appeared before the council to complain about old tires and chained up dogs in her neighborhood, saying she believed the city should do something about them.
Mayor Terry Clark responded that the city does not have enough employees to take care of those issues, adding that the additional debris removal work caused by Hurricane Ivan has limited the city's ability to take on other projects.
Michael Cosey asked the council to impose a curfew for youngsters.
Clark said the council would not consider it.
Cosey also asked the council to consider removing speed bumps on Virginia Street. He said drivers don't slow down to cross them and the noise when they jump them is disturbing.
Clark responded that at the time the speed bumps were installed, a petition representing ever resident of the street was presented to the council requesting them. He said he doubted those residents would favor removing them now.
The council agreed to have police patrol the area in an effort to get drivers to slow down.
Cosey also asked the council to consider paving Eby Street and to clean a nearby drainage ditch. Clark said the street is on the list to be paved when the city can afford it.
In other business, the council: