Historical books make great gifts

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, December 1, 2004

By By Lydia Grimes Feature Reporter
There are many in the community who are interested in the history of the county and the people living here. There are a few publications pertaining to Brewton and Escambia County available. Any one of them would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the history buff in your family. Some of them are in limited supply and won't always be available. This might just be the time to consider one of those publications for Christmas this year.
The Escambia County Historical Society sells both "The History of Escambia County" and "Headstones and Heritages," with the latter being a record of the cemeteries in the county. The price for the history is $50 per book with $5 for mailing and the price of the cemetery book is $35 with $5 for mailing. It can be purchased from the Society or it may be picked up at The Brewton Standard. Proceeds go to Escambia County Historical Society.
The Brewton Standard published the "Pictorial History of Brewton" several years ago and still has some copies. This is a compilation of old photographs in and around Brewton. The price for this book is $19.95 and it can be purchased at the newspaper office on St. Nicholas Avenue.
The latest publication done on the county is "The Heritage of Escambia County." This book is a compilation of family stories written by family members. It is one book of a collection of 67 books (one for each county in the state) and is rather unusual, as the stories come from family.
This book is available at The Brewton Standard and the price is $64.80, which includes tax. Proceeds from this book go toward purchasing other volumes in the collection to be placed in the Thomas E. McMillan Museum.

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