Thanks for support of King family

Published 8:36 am Monday, December 6, 2004

By Staff
Dear Michele and staff,
On behalf of my classmates of the T.R. Miller Class of 1989, I cannot thank you enough for your original article that you ran about the Dubose parole hearing. Had you not been so interested in the community and in covering this story, we could have never gotten the support for the King
family from our classmates from around the world.
Our prayer is that the King family can find peace for the next five years and that in 2009 when Dubose is ready to go before the board again, that we are prepared and armed with letters. We will not forget Stephanie or this family. I now live in Birmingham and no matter where I go in this world, I seem to run into Brewton folks who are always more than happy to help a girl from "back home." I hope we always carry the spirit of this town with us, and never forget our own.
When the community became involved in this fight to keep Dubose in prison, people began to take notice. You, Brewtonians, made a difference. Your voices were heard! Attorney General Troy King's office heard you, Gov. Riley's office heard you, and the Parole Board heard you. There is
power in numbers and you were over 3000 strong. Stephanie's friends and family thank you. God Bless each one of you who prayed, signed a petition, or wrote a letter on behalf of our friend, we are forever grateful.
Holly Hart Shirley
T.R. Miller Class of 1989

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