The Mayo family in Escambia

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, December 15, 2004

By By Lydia Grimes Feature Reporter
This week I am going to tell you about a family that was here in the area very early. There is a street in East Brewton named for the family, but there are very few with the name of Mayo around today. There are, however, many who descend from the Mayo family. I have more material on the connection to the McCurdy family than any other. I will get to them later on.
Mark Mayo (abt. 1755-15 Nov. 1923) and his wife, Susannah had seven chldren, Gideon Mayo (abt. 1770-1780) who married Elizabeth, Charles Mayo (abt. 1770-1780), William Mayo (abt. 1775-1785), Reuben Warren Mayo (abt. 1790-1800), James Mayo, John Perremore Mayo and Benjamin Mayo.
Gideon Mayo (1770-1780) and his wife Elizabeth had one son, John Holly Mayo (1 Jan. 1815-10 April 1890) who married Frances Godwin (17 Nov. 1816-16 June 1887). They had nine children, Lucinda Mayo (1835) who married William Mansell, James Francis Mayo (1837) who married Charlotte Spurlock, Sarah Mayo (1840) who married John Cowart, Richard Mayo (1843) who married Mary Ann Sheffield, Elisa Brown Mayo (1846) who married an Andrews, Joel Hill Mayo (1848) who married first, Myra Odum, and second, Eliza Lacatour, Elizabeth Mayo (1851) who married Hector McMillan and Rebecca Mayo (1853) who married Jesse Sheffield.
Charles Mayo (1770-1780) and his wife had at least two children, John W. Mayo (abt. 1795) who married Nancy Gainor, and Allen Mayo (about 1800-1866) who married Salley Filaby Cobb.
John W. Mayo and Nancy Gainor were the parents of 11 children, Charles Young Mayo, (28 Nov. 1819-19 April 1898), Martha Mayo (25 Jan. 1821-7 Jan. 1891) who married Jeptha Blacksher, Samuel G. Mayo (1827-1850) who married Elizabeth Spier, Nancy Mayo (1831) who married James Bishop, Rebecca Mayo (1835) who married William Spier, David Rufus Mayo (3 Oct. 1836-28 Dec. 1862) who married first, Elizabeth, and second, Mollie A. Rankins, Emeline Mayo (1838), John L. Mayo (1841), Adelline Mayo, Reuben Mayo and Benjamin Mayo.
Allen Mayo (1800-1866) married Salley Filaby Cobb (abt. 1811) and their children were Lafayette Mayo (1828), Margaret Mayo (1832), Frederick Mayo (1835), Angeline Mayo (12 March 1844-13 June 1904) who married Henry Sutton, Mark Mayo II (23 Jan. 1845-28 Feb. 1920) who married Angeline Jernigan, Mercie Jane Mayo (23 Jan. 1848-1 Dec. 1932) who married Francis Marion McCurdy, Patience Mayo (1850), Benjamin Mayo (1851) and James D. Mayo (1854) who married Lizzie. Unless a specific date is listed, they are estimated dates.
Charles Young Mayo (1819-1898), son of John W. Mayo and Nancy Gainor, married May Bracken (30 Oct. 1828-3 June 1899) and they had eight children, Andrew J. Mayo (1 June 1849) who married Celia Hutt, Nancy Jane Mayo (1856) who married Levi D. Solomon, Laura Louise Mayo (23 Jan. 1857-24 Jan. 1934) who married William A. Dixon, Mary Frances Mayo (1859) who married W.D. Dixon, Julia Mayo (2 Dec. 1861-11 Jan. 1891) who married Dr. C.S. Henderson, Charles Young Mayo Jr. (1866) who married Mary W. Avant and William K. Mayo (1868-1927) who married first, Mary Satcher and second, Elizabeth.
I will continue with the family of John W. Mayo and Nancy Gainor next week.