More people should participate

Published 10:19 am Monday, December 20, 2004

By Staff
Dear editor,
I attended a recent East Brewton Town Council meeting and was disappointed by the lack of participation of the general public. Out of some 3,000 citizens there were about six who were present in the hearing. The citizens are urged to vote by our council members in the name of taking part of the political process, but I've yet to hear our councilmen or mayor invite the citizens to attend these meetings, which are open to the public.
Why shouldn't the general public be given the opportunity to take part in the political process by observing their action? Our responsibility doesn't stop at the polls after the last ballot has been cast. It is our continued responsibility to see that those whom we elected, fulfill the commitments they made to get our votes. The only way this can be done is to attend the council meetings. I propose that all public town council meetings be posted in the local newspapers prior to meetings in the future.
Donald E. Watson, II

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