More on the Mayo family in Escambia

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, December 22, 2004

By By Lydia Grimes Feature Reporter
Before I continue with the other Mayo descendants, I want to go back and add something to the family of Allen Mayo and Fillaby Cobb.
Fillaby Cobb (14 March 1810-14 March 1879) is buried in the Jay Cemetery in Jay, Fla. The children, in more detail, were Lafayette Mayo (1828), Margaret Mayo (19 April 1832) who married J.D. Faulk, Frederick B. Mayo (1835) who married Elizabeth, Angeline Mayo (12 March 1844-13 June 1904) who married Henry Sutton, Mark Mayo II (23 Jan. 1845-28 Feb. 1920) who married Angeline Jernigan, Mercie Jane Mayo (23 Jan. 1848-1 Dec. 1932) who married Francis Marion McCurdy, Patience Mayo (1850), Benjamin Mayo (1851) and James Daniel Mayo (7 Sept. 1855-28 March 1911) who married Elizabeth Nancy Johnston (19 Sept. 1858-2 July 1941. This latest information on the family of James Daniel Mayo comes from an online source and says that both James Daniel and Elizabeth Nancy Johnston Mayo are buried in the Bay Minette Cemetery in Baldwin County. Their children are also listed as William Millard Mayo (2 Jan. 1877), Falbie Mayo (1879-4 Aug. 1902), Allen Mayo (18 Aug. 1882-1898), George Nolan Mayo (15 June 1884-18 Nov. 1939), Carl Esther Mayo (25 Sept. 1886-21 Nov. 1941), Martha Sabre Ann Mayo (21 Sept. 1888-20 Oct. 1958), James Lee Mayo (25 Sept. 1890-1 Nov. 1978), twins (1893), Mary Mayo (1895), Kathryn Mayo (9 Aug. 1897-4 April 1951) and Joseph Shomo Mayo (9 April 1899-24 Jan. 1955). I thought I would add this after I found it on
Now back to the family of John Warren Mayo and Nancy Gainor or Gainer. They were married about 1818 and had at least 11 children, Charles Young Mayo (28 Nov. 1819-19 April 1898), who married Mary Bracken; Martha Mayo (25 Jan. 1821-7 Jan. 1891), who married Jeptha Blacksher; Samuel G. Mayo (1827-1850), who married Elizabeth Spier; Nancy Mayo (1831), who married James Bishop; Rebecca Mayo (1835), who married William Spier; David Rufus Mayo (3 Oct. 1836-28 Dec. 1862), who married Elizabeth; Emeline Mayo (1838); John L. Mayo (1841); Adeline Mayo, who married Andrew Newman; Reuben Mayo; and Benjamin Mayo.
I covered the family of Charles Young Mayo last week.
The next child of John W. Mayo and Nancy Gainer was Martha Mayo, who married Jeptha Blacksher (22 Jan. 1807-7 Sept. 1886). They were the parents of David Wesley Blacksher (22 Sept. 1841-9 Feb. 1901), who married Margaret Elizabeth McGowin, Elizabeth Catherine Blacksher (1842-1892), who married Starling Stake Leonard; Abraham Blacksher (1843-25 Nov. 1862); John W. Blacksher who died at the age of three months; Sarah Jane Blacksher, James Uriah Blacksher I (19 March 1848-19 Feb. 1899) who married Martha E. McGowin; Nancy Frances Blacksher; Elijah Blacksher (1852-1866), Many Adeline Blacksher; Jeptha Blacksher Jr.; Martha Emmeline Blacksher (29 Nov. 1856-23 Jan. 1942); and Melinda Palestine Blacksher.
There is one thing that I want to be sure and touch on. A lady came in the office last week and wanted to know if I would be telling any more about her family and I thought I would include what I have.
David Rufus Mayo (1836-1862) and his wife, Elizabeth, had four children, Clara Mayo (1 Oct. 1860-9 July 1906); Lawrence Battle Mayo (1862-1930); Mollie Mayo and Daniel Rufus Mayo (1859-1892), who married Mollie Ann Rankin (1862-1939). Daniel Rufus and Mollie Ann Rankin had Martha E. Mayo (18 April 1881-24 May 1961), who married Jesse Steadham; Callie Mayo (18 Jan. 1883-1 Sept. 1958)m who married Oscar Wigley; Zel Mayom who married Dr. R.A. Smith; Pearl Mayom who married John Nettles; Carolie Mayo, who married Charles Overstreet; and Rufus Mayo (6 Feb. 1863-2 July 1970). That is all I have on this family but maybe it will help the lady who asked me about it.
That's about it for this week. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.