New camera to aid firefighters

Published 11:04 am Monday, December 27, 2004

The Brewton Fire Department recently has a new tool with which to make firefighting safety – a camera that picks up heat signatures, possibly allowing firefighters to find people in burning buildings.
Fire Chief Lawrence Weaver said there have been many times in his career when the modern device could have been used.
Weaver said the camera will allow firefighters to quickly scan a room and determine if anyone is in the building.
Weaver said the camera also could have applications for search and rescue missions.
Demonstrating the camera's power, Weaver placed his hand on a hardback book for a few moments. When he removed his hand, the camera could still read the "heat" from his hand, not only on the cover, but on inside pages.
Weaver said the fire department, along with departments in East Brewton, Atmore and Flomaton, were able to acquire the cameras with assistance from the state Emergency Management Agency though Homeland Security funds. The City of Brewton provided matching funds for the department's