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Published 11:09 am Monday, December 27, 2004

By Staff
Humane Society, city agreement is win-win
The City and Brewton and the Humane Society of Escambia County recently entered into an agreement that will prove a "win" for both parties, as well as for the animals involved.
The Humane Society agreed to manage animal control, the animal shelter and investigate cruelty issues for the city, and hopes to enter a similar agreement with the county. Improving this area of its operations has long been on the City of Brewton's "do" list. In executing this agreement, the city is relieved of the burden of daily operations, while the Humane Society accomplishes its goal of ensuring the best possible treatment of animals and the fewest number of euthanizations.
Taking on this project means that Society members have committed to taking on major fundraising tasks in order to secure funds necessary for operating the shelter and hiring staff members to be constantly on call.
We salute them for their willingness to tackle this huge undertaking, their commitment to taking care of all of God's creatures.