First baby of year among first to benefit from new book project

Published 12:14 pm Wednesday, January 5, 2005

By Staff
From staff reports
The first baby of the New Year born at D.W. McMillan Hospital was among the first children to receive a book that providers hope will help children in this area get a bright start.
Ne'Veah Ialaiya McIntyre, the daughter of Tamara Michelle McIntyre of Evergreen born Jan. 2, 2005, received her book this week.
The Coalition for a Healthier Escambia County, a volunteer group of healthcare providers, educators, clergy, and persons in other social/medical disciplines, have advocated for several years the value of early educational intervention in the subsequent development and health status of children. The Coalition has partnered with Natural Decorations, Inc., Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Sorority, and D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital to deliver books to mothers for use with their newborns.
The book, "Bright Start," provides a template for positive child/parent interactions. It includes examples of games and activities which parents can share with their infant which will aid in the developmental process. The book is available commercially, but not widely distributed.
NDI agreed to fund the project for two years so that every child born in Escambia County, Ala., will receive a "Bright Start" book. D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital is the only obstetrical provider in the county and averages 275 deliveries per year.
Members of Delta Kappa Gamma, a sorority comprised of local educators and retired educators, has agreed to distribute the books and emphasize to the new parents the importance of specific activities which enhance the development of infants in this critical time of brain development.Studies show that children develop their mental and physical capacities between birth and three years of age.