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Published 12:52 pm Monday, January 10, 2005

By Staff
Thanks to those providing infants 'Bright Start'
The Coalition for a Healthier Escambia County, in partnership with Natural Decorations, Inc., Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Sorority, and D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital, has rolled out a new program with which to give babies born here a brighter start.
Together, the groups are distributing a book, "Bright Start," to mothers of babies born at D.W. McMillan Hospital.
The book, provides a template for positive child/parent interactions and includes examples of games and activities which parents can share with their infant which will aid in the developmental process. The book is available commercially, but not widely distributed.
NDI agreed to fund the project for two years, and Delta Kappa Gamma, a sorority of educators, agreed to distribute the books and emphasize to new mothers the importance of specific activities which enhance the development of infants in this critical time of brain development.
We salute and thank the members of the Coalition who developed this idea, the leaders of NDI who generously agreed to fund it, and the members of Delta Kappa Gamma who are dedicating themselves to beginning education at a very early age.
The children born here deserve this 'Bright Start.' Thanks for making it possible.

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