Shelby holds town meeting

Published 12:43 pm Monday, January 10, 2005

U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) heard from constituents concerned about activist judges and illegal immigration, as well as those expresses thanks for his support of programs they believe are important in a town meeting in Brewton Friday afternoon.
Local Republican Party chairman Mike Edwards expressed concern about the number of illegal immigrants in the United States.
Shelby agreed that immigration reform is needed and said it is estimated that there are 8.7 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States.
Nolan Reed expressed concerns about activist judges who precipitate social changes with their rulings.
Shelby said he is among the few people in Washington who supports term limits for federal judges, but assured constituents that President George Bush will appoint conservative judges and said the Republican-majority Senate will affirm his appointments.
JDCC President Dr. Susan McBride thanked Shelby for his support of federal TRIO programs which provide support for potential first-generation college students in high school and when they enroll in college.
Escambia County Sheriff Grover Smith expressed his thanks for Shelby's support of funding for drug task forces nationwide.

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