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Published 1:52 pm Monday, January 17, 2005

By Staff
Council decisions wise
The Brewton City Council this week made two decisions that no doubt caused their phones to ring.
First, they approved a $5.8 million bond issue that will allow the city to make very necessary repairs and upgrades to its existing sewerage system.To repay the bond issues, the council also approved a $3 per month increase in charges for customers.
Secondly, the council honored two requests, agreeing that it would no longer allow carnivals, circuses and the like to set up in Burnt Corn Creek Park. It seems that, in the past, these functions have left serious damage in the park, and those who seek to keep it healthy requested that the functions cease.
The need for repairs to the sewerage system is serious; the efforts of those who maintain the park are noble. We agree with both decisions and salute the council for their actions.