Letters to the editor

Published 3:23 pm Thursday, January 27, 2005

By Staff
To the editor,
The township of Pollard wishes to thank Steve Stanton and the Flomaton Fire Department for their generous donation of two SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) for our town workers. We would also like to thank Tony Lambeth with Air Safe Inc. for the Confined Space and SCBA training he provided.
Mayor Carolyn W. Lambeth
and Town Council members
Dear Editor:
I would like to thank first the City of Brewton for their continued support of the Humane Society's management of the animal control and adoption center, and second, the community at large for the tremendous support that we've received in the way of donations of food, blankets, toys, and money. Though we are willing to be the front line, it is the support of the community that will make animal welfare a priority in our county.
I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify some misconceptions that are circulating due to the line in the Brewton Standard article that referred to The Humane Society as a "kill shelter." There are two types of facilities that take in unwanted animals and strays. They are referred to as "no kill" and "kill."
While we plan to be making additions and modifications to the existing building, we currently only have 24 adult dog kennels and 20 small cat/puppy kennels. In some instances, several animals can share kennel space, but that's not always possible. When the Humane Society inherited the shelter on Dec. 15th, there were approximately 65 animals there. We have adopted out 13 since then, but have taken in 19 cats, 22 puppies, and 11adult dogs. We are absolutely overflowing with beautiful, healthy, sweet-tempered animals who desperately need loving, pet-responsible homes. Many are surely owned, but no one comes to claim them. All animals adopted at our shelter receive all their current vaccinations, including rabies, and are spayed/neutered. There will be no exceptions to the spay/neuter requirement. That is the primary key to lowering euthanasia numbers.
We will accept the unwanted and the strays and we will give them a peaceful, humane death if necessary. We will accept the responsibility and the heart-wrenching grief that comes along with being a "kill" shelter. But we will not accept the guilt or the blame. That belongs right square in the laps of irresponsible pet owners.
Renee Jones
Executive Director
The Humane Society of Escambia County

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