Letters to the editor

Published 3:34 pm Friday, January 28, 2005

By Staff
Dear Editor:
Recently the thought came to mind, that I could "see daylight" (with regard to the activity) around the office! While those of you who have seen my desk recently might have cause to doubt that statement, it does seem that perhaps the "to do" lists are not growing quite as rapidly.
Please accept a belated, yet heartfelt "Thank you" on behalf of the American Red Cross volunteers and staff, both national and local. Your generosity with your time, assistance and advice meant a lot to all of us involved.
The volunteers commented on the spirit of cooperation and caring that was evident in the local communities. That spirit of cooperation made their hard work worthwhile. This volunteer assignment was one in which the volunteers were housed and fed just as the clients we worked with were. In the beginning, no showers hot or cold, (baby wipes do work!), no electricity, and cots and pallets filling the rooms of the Fellowship Hall at North Brewton Baptist Church. Later the YMCA generously offered hot showers for the workers and they were welcomed.
Among those who came to offer assistance were a couple, newly retired, from Minnesota. Upon calling home after they arrived in Brewton, they found that their town was flooding and Red Cross was opening shelters there. They stayed in Brewton. A California Congressman's wife came to Brewton, as did a chemical engineer, a computer software consultant, all offering help in completely different fields than their "descriptions" would indicate.
Do you have to be an engineer, or computer whiz or Congressman's wife to volunteer? Of course not. What one does need is a spirit willing to assist others in sometimes difficult, uncomfortable situations.
These were everyday folks whose volunteer jobs were not necessarily tied to what they do in everyday, non-disaster life! But they all had that willing spirit to be taught and to put their training into action to the best of their abilities.
I will remember the volunteer who stayed in the office, ran errands, picked up lunch or took phone calls, or was just…available.
Thank you for allowing the American Red Cross volunteer to be of service. Thank you for making their jobs easier by driving them around town, directing or suggesting areas which needed assistance or being of service to others in shelters or food lines. We've all learned new skills and have a new appreciation for the simple things which we so readily took for granted, such as clear roads with street lights, hot showers, phones and electric lights!
If any of you would like to be a volunteer, please contact the Red Cross or other agencies which are listed in the volunteer section of this paper. As a Red Cross volunteer, you can cross-train for many other service locations too, as well as with the American Red Cross. Call 867-3426 for Red Cross information. We'd love to see you. Your talents can make a difference in other lives!
Rogene Martin
Executive director
East Escambia Red Cross
Dear Editor,
The people of Brewton are extremely fortunate to have a mayor and city council who have the beautification of our city as one of its top priorities. Our committee would like to thank each of them for their recent decision to help us protect the Burnt Corn Creek Park area. This is one of the beautiful areas of our town that has taken a tremendous amount of work by a lot of people (not the least of whom is Darryl Searcy who has worked so tirelessly). Due to their decision to protect this area, it will only get more beautiful.
Thank you so much for the Brewton City Tree and Beautification Board.
Bob Hayes
Vice president

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