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Published 6:00 pm Wednesday, February 16, 2005

By Staff
Career Tech offers bright opportunities
If y ou've recently hired a pllumber or a carpenter, you've no doubt learned that there are some pretty good job opportunities that don't necessarily require a four- or six-year college education.
According to the state Department of Education's web site, many Career/Tech graduates go on to earn the following annual salaries:
As noted elsewhere (Page 6B) in today's edition of The Brewton Standard, this is Career/Technical Education Awareness week. Local students are afforded great opportunities for Career/Technical education in high school through the Escambia-Brewton Career Technical Center, and at the post-secondary level from Jefferson Davis Community College and Reid State Technical College.
Make sure you communicate to the students in your life that their opportunities don't end at the door to the English or math classroom, but extend much farther.

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