Student radio station set

Published 5:53 pm Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tune in to your radio stations: Brewton Middle School students will be broadcasting from a local module soon.
While students can acquire news information via television, BMS is also looking at adding a radio broadcast which will be broadcast from an FM channel.
Principal Doug Prater said that the call numbers had not been decided yet, but one of the possibilities was calling it WBMS.
Much like the Channel One news broadcast, the radio program will be taped and broadcast from sound bytes acquired beforehand.
The eighth grade tech class-which has a radio broadcast module in the room-will allow students to produce a four minute radio news broadcast which will feature ball games scores, class schedules, upcoming events and more.
That way, children will become informed of local school events and parents will also have the opportunity to listen in while waiting for their children to emerge from class.

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