Letter to the editor

Published 6:22 pm Monday, February 21, 2005

By Staff
Family to seek 'remedy'
I thought it would of interest to the citizens of Brewton regarding the consequences of decisions made by your City Council and a handful of local residents. My family, having multi-generational local land ownership, has been continually denied by the City Council to right-of-access to property we own. It appears that due to the pressure of certain individuals who feel they are entitled to prevent us from accessing our land, we are being forced to seek legal remedy to claim our legal rights.
Politically expedient decisions by the Council Members have trumped doing what is right. Doing wrong is forgivable. Defending the doing of wrong, is not. The council has failed to do right, and continues to defend it. The city will now get the opportunity to spend large sums of time and money in court defending a wrong. As citizens, you should be ashamed of them.
Legal remedy is not the best course of action for any of us, but the council has left us no choice.
The citizens of Brewton will bear the cost to defend the council's position which has no legal standing. Their unwillingness to work with us in good faith, and untenable stance in this regard, will not stand up under legal review. Your tax dollars and the time and energy of the city attorney will be expended wastefully in this cause. They will spend your tax money chasing a few votes

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