Looking Back… 50 years

Published 6:21 pm Monday, February 21, 2005

By Staff
From the Feb. 17, 1955, edition of The Brewton Standard:
Two more indigent patients will be added to the five already being cared for by county funds in the state sanitarium.
T.R. Miller band to play at Mardi Gras in Mobile and schools were to be closed.
Students at T.R. Miller High School contributed $137.96 to the March of Dimes.
Board of Revenue member, L.W. Martin said that it was not the fault of the board if the streets in East Brewton were not paved because the money was just not there.
There was a problem at the Revenue Board meeting when someone complained that the dirt he had been promised before the election was not delivered. He said that other people had gotten their promised dirt.