Health Coalition supports no-tobacco ordinance

Published 8:01 pm Monday, March 7, 2005

By Staff
To the editor:
On March 15 at 5 p.m. there will be a public hearing at the Brewton City Hall to allow citizens to express their views about the Tobacco Free Ordinance being considered by the Brewton City Council.. Many of you may remember a few months ago that the Coalition identified this need as one of the agenda items for 2005. The Coalition supports the passage of this important ordinance by this and all local and county governing bodies in the county as a means of protection of the public health and safety of this and future generations.
Medical research which has been published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Harvard School of Public Health and countless other credible research entities has documented the danger of " second hand smoke " . Harvard School of Public Health published research findings in 1997 reflecting that passive smoke ( otherwise known as second hand or mainstream smoke ) increases the risk of heart attack as well as well as heart disease . Studies published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the past ten years have documented that non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke are at higher risk of getting cancer and other lung diseases.
Second-hand smoke releases the same 4,000 chemicals as smoke that is directly inhaled but in even greater quantities than smoke that is directly inhaled. Approximately 50 of these chemicals ( carcinogens ) cause cancer. Cigarettes burn for about 12 minutes but smokers only inhale for about 30 seconds of that time. As a result, cigarettes are spewing smoke into the environment for others to inhale.
These facts are enough to support the need for the people of our county to take steps which will ensure that buildings will be smoke free , thereby providing an environment in restaurants and other public venues which will promote public health and safety.
Please attend the public hearing in March 15th and voice your views in support of this important need for our county.
Ruth Harrell
Coalition Chair
To the editor:
I would just like to say how much I enjoy the chimes from the East Brewton United Methodist Church. I live just a short distance behind the church. I believe someone referred to the chimes as a "noise," but to me they are a joyful "sound." I hope the church will not let them be silenced.
Thank you
Polly Douglas
Roby Street
To the editor:
Thank you for reporting on the arrest of Sammy Ray Portwood for his involvement in "hog-dog rodeos" ("Man charged for hog, dog 'sports' events," March 2).
If Portwood is found guilty of allegations, it is to be hoped that he will face strict penalties for promoting animal abuse. During hog-dog rodeos, frenzied dogs, usually pit bulls, are turned loose, one or two at a time, in pens to attack wild pigs as onlookers cheer and judges rate dogs by how quickly they take down their prey.
To prevent injury to the dogs, the hogs' tusks are often first snapped off with a steel pipe and hammer or with bolt-cutters, rendering these animals completely defenseless. Hogs often sustain serious injuries during these events, including but not limited to ripped ears and haunches, mangled noses, ruptured scrotums, and other gaping wounds. Sometimes their ears are torn right off.
If you have information about hog-dog rodeos taking place in your community, please e-mail PETA at
Tips will be kept confidential upon request. Visit to learn more ways you can help.
Liz Welsh
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510
To the editor:
I am writing this letter to express my opinion regarding smoking in public places. My personal opinion is that smoking should not be allowed in public places, especially restaurants. I work in the health care profession and everyday I see the negative effects of smoking.
The patients that I see not only have health problems from smoking themselves but also from inhaling second hand smoke. Restaurants are a major problem for many people because there is nowhere to escape the second hand smoke.
I am very aware of this problem because I have a child with asthma. It is very difficult to enjoy a night out when he has to be exposed to smoke. The problem is not resolved by having designated smoking areas because smoke travels through the air to all parts of a restaurant.
Therefore, I am strongly in favor of a law that bans smoking in public places. Thank you for your time and consideration of my opinion.
Daphne Clark, LPN

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