In awe of Lisa, her walk toward D.C.

Published 9:19 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2005

By Staff
Sunday mornings are among the luxuries I enjoy most in life. Armed with at least three newspapers and plenty of coffee, I love to sit near a sunny window and go through the news at a leisurely pace.
It was from this comfortable place on Sunday that I realized just how spoiled most of us are. Thinking it would be too much trouble to walk to the kitchen for another cup of coffee, I turned to re-read story in this newspaper about Lisa Thomas's plans to spend several weeks of her life walking.
Lisa plans to leave Brewton next week walking to Montgomery, where she has an appointment with Gov. Bob Riley. She wants to talk to him about people in Alabama who are hungry, who live far below the poverty level but are still expected to pay taxes, and about people on death row.
It will be her second trek to Montgomery. Last year, the governor didn't meet with her.
When she leaves Montgomery, she'll set out for the nation's Capitol, where she hopes to at least get a written message to President Bush. Congressman Jo Bonner's office has pledged th eir help. She estimates it will take her 50 days to get there.
How many times have you left a restaurant because you couldn't park close enough to the door to suit you? Or left because you didn't want to stand in line or the drive-through was too crowded?
I've done it more times than I care to admit, especially when I think of the lengths to which Lisa Thomas goes to help people who are truly hungry.
Lisa feeds hungry people every day, delivering meals and food to those who have no means with which to provide for themselves. To fund this ministry, she shops with an eagle eye, applies for grants, accepts donations, and holds constant yard sales.
Her walk to help the hungry won't really begin next week, for she walks that walk every day of her life.
She leaves me in awe.
Michele Gerlach is the publisher of The Brewton Standard. She may be reached at 25.867.4876 or