Letters to the Editor

Published 10:01 pm Wednesday, March 23, 2005

By Staff
Reader bewildered by paint laws
This past week I have tried (in vain) to get rid of some old paint cans in my storage room.
I first called BFI at their main office, and they referred me to paint dealers in this area. I then called each one of the dealerships and they told me that I needed to just throw the cans in the garbage because they did not handle old paint. I then called the city and they referred me to the BFI landfill.
The people at the landfill number said they only handled empty paint cans because if they were to spill one, then the cost of clean-up would be too high.
All I want to do is get rid of some old paint, and as best that I can tell, it's against the law no matter what you do. I don't want to cause an EPA nightmare in Brewton, Alabama over about 15 paint cans. Can the city of Brewton or BFI come up with a solution to this problem for me?
Some how I don't think I am the only person in this area with this problem.
Thank you,
David L. Moore