City was named for Edmund Troupe Brewton

Published 10:32 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2005

By Staff
I have a couple of things I want to get to this week.
First of all, I will continue with the family of Emanuel Brewton and his wife, Eliza Caroline Bacon.
Emanuel and Caroline had eight children. The six known children are Edmund Troupe Brewton (12 March 1828-7 Sept. 1896) who married first Martha A. Coleman and second, Bama Robertson; William Johnson Brewton (22 March 1830-3 Dec. 1906) who married Sarah Emily Weaver, daughter of John Weaver and Maria Price; Emanuel Brewton who married Eliza Dixon; Eliza Jane Brewton (9 April 1834-10 Oct. 1864) who married Clarke Edmund Weaver, son of John Weaver and Maria Price; Harriet Brewton, who married Gideon Mayo, and Annie Caroline Brewton (3 Oct. 1847-13 Oct. 1883 in the Yellow Fever epidemic) who married James William Coleman.
Edmund Troupe Brewton is the one who is credited with giving our town its name. This supposedly happened because he was the railroad station agent and the station was named after him.
William J. Brewton and Sarah Emily Weaver were the parents of 10 children. Eliza Ann Jane Brewton (27 Oct. 1849-23 Nov. 1927); Mary Matilda Brewton (4 Oct. 1851-5 Feb. 1863); Elmira Laura Brewton (2 Sept. 1853) who married Blake Beard; Lou Emma Alice Brewton (30 July 1855) who married Jack Green; Ada Frances Brewton (11 March 1858-14 Feb. 1863); William Benjamin Brewton (12 Jan. 1861-5 Jan. 1947 in Meridian, Miss.) who married Lula Braswell; Clara Mahala Brewton (6 Feb. 1864) who married Jim Green; Florena Corine Brewton (8 Dec. 1866) who married John Gilmore Wiggins; Cora Catherine Brewton (1869-1871); and Minnie Lee Brewton (11 Dec. 1872) who married Rabon Cottrell Avent.
Eliza Jane Brewton (9 April 1834-10 Oct. 1864), another daughter of Emanuel Brewton is buried in Weaver Cemetery. She married Clarke Edmund Weaver, son of John Weaver and Maria Price. Their children were: William Washington Weaver (20 Nov. 1850-28 March 1922); Ann M. Weaver (13 June 1852-9 Jan. 1922); Eliza Jane Weaver (12 March 1855-26 Feb. 1936) who married Ezekiel Henry Jacob Weaver; Caroline Elizabeth Weaver (15 April 1857-4 Feb. 1880); Clarke Edmund Weaver, Jr. (8 March 1860-16 July 1930); and Mary M. Weaver (14 Aug. 1863-11 June 1947) who married George C. Mantel.
Unless I hear from some of you, I will get on to another family next week.
I do want you to know about a computer program that I think I am truly going to love. Last week I read in The Tri-City Ledger in Bill Williams' column about some photography software that had been recommended by his son. I have never been too happy with my software so I decided to try his suggestion.
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