Thomas meets with governor

Published 10:33 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2005

By By Mary-Allison Lancaster Managing editor
Lisa Thomas accomplished one of the goals of her trek toward Washington, D.C., by way of Montgomery Monday when she had the opportunity to meet with Alabama Gov. Bob Riley.
Thomas said Tuesday she considered the meeting a successful one.
Thomas left Brewton March 22 and walked to the state's Capitol where she had a 30-minute meeting with the governor. At last year's walk to Montgomery, Thomas missed the governor and never met with him. She and the governor had a private joke about the flack he received by not being able to meet with her last year.
Thomas said she expects it to take about 50 days to make the trek to Washington, D.C. Frank Mason from Ozark, Ala., has accompanied Thomas for the trip. After her friend, Linda Smith from California could not make the trip with her, Thomas began to panic.
Thomas and Mason have been friends, and he jumped in at the idea of accompanying her.
For the most part, the weather has been nice and Thomas has remained upbeat, almost giddy for the duration of her trip.
The letter has not gotten her down though and Thomas hopes her publicity will hopefully change the president's mind. In the meantime, Congressman Jo Bonner and his reps promised her prior to her trip he would attach a personal letter to her letter to make sure the president is aware of her message. Thomas left Waugh, Ala., Tuesday morning and was headed to Tuskeegee, Ala.