Letter to the editor

Published 10:58 pm Monday, April 4, 2005

By Staff
Writer sympathizes with other moms
I just have a comment about the woman who didn't send her child to school for 59 days in a two-year period. I have a little first grader. There has been so much sickness at her school until she has had to miss quite a bit this year. I went thru the same thing last year with her in kindergarten, too.
I wonder what happens to the moms who send their children to school just so they get sick again, and when you call the doctor they advise treatment at home. So therefore it is considered unexcused to the schools.
I know for a fact my daughter's school is keeping this sickness going around, even some of the teachers have admitted it to me. But when the teachers miss, no judge really seems to want to look into that. I guess maybe one day my time will be coming too for being accused of not sending my child to school, and I will seem to be the worst mother to a judge because these schools didn't get their paycheck that day for my kid, but in the mean time, I really sympathize with SOME of the moms doing the best they can.
My story may not make it in the paper, just my opinion, but I really love reading the Brewton Standard, you all do a great job. Keep up the good work! God Bless!
Teresa Odom