Costs add up

Published 11:32 pm Monday, April 11, 2005

By By Mary-Allison Lancaster Managing editor
It's prom time-in case you were wondering why the teenagers around town all of a sudden were seen cleanly shaven and elegantly dressed.
On Saturday, W.S. Neal High School held its 2005 Prom. The theme was "A Walk to Remember," and the walkout began at 7 p.m. at the O.C. Weaver Auditorium located in the high school. Prom coordinators for this year were Susan Hardyman, Stacey Burks and David Lanier.
On April 16, T.R. Miller High School will hold its prom. The lead-out will be held at the Jefferson Davis Community College auditorium and the dance will move over to The Ritz. The theme for this year's prom is "A moment like this."
So, how much is prom going to cost this year?
The Fairy Godmother's Inc. Web site details a few items and how much each should cost. Let's see if the cost she gives compares to the cost here in town.
Jacki Lynn at Verobella Salon &Spa said the shop offers prom fingernail tips, where they can apply an acrylic tip that does not last as long as regular tips. The cost is $25. Otherwise, a regular manicure at the salon costs $15 to $35, and pedicures can cost $37 or more.
Fairy Godmother said the average cost for hair, makeup, manicure/pedicure; hairclips are $50 to $200. A haircut and shave for a male could cost $5 to $40, but most likely the young guys will do that at home.
Located on Douglas Avenue, Herrington's the Florist, Inc. has an average cost for boutonnieres at $3.95. The young men can purchase a French Bouquet for $25 to $30 or a wrist corsage starting at $20, employee Natalie Pitts said. While there is not a popular color for this year, "most people are choosing roses," Pitts said.
The Fairy Godmother's average cost for a boutonniere $5 to $10, while the corsage averages $10 to $25.
Prom tickets are inexpensive, averaging around $3 to $4, but at some high schools, the Fairy Godmother said the average ticket costs $25 to $200. This cost typically includes dinner.
Looking to rent a limousine? The Fairy Godmother has it costing couples who split the ticket with other couples, the Fairy Godmother has it costing somewhere between $5 up to $1,000.
Let's not forget the wardrobe. For her, an outfit includes a dress, shoes, jewelry, bag, stockings, corsage and possibly a wrap. The grand average total could range from $50 to $200. An outfit for him is quite simple, but costs around the same price. A tuxedo, shirt, suspenders or cummerbund, shoes, socks and boutonni