Letters to the editor

Published 12:53 am Wednesday, April 20, 2005

By Staff
Complaints about chimes ludicrous
I have read with amusement the continued saga of the church bells in East Brewton.
I realize we all have our opinions and in some cases solutions are even offered, but this particular issue is probably the most ludicrous complaint I have ever heard. With all of the other problems in a community such as drugs, domestic violence, traffic violations, operating within a limited budget, flooding and the list goes on, who has nothing better to do than complain about a church bell?
I have been Interim Pastor of Atmore First Baptist Church for the past 14 months, and if you have watched or listened to the news-even national news-you are probably aware of the extensive damage suffered by the church. One of the main areas of damage was the steeple that contained the chimes.
Well, everything is now complete and the chimes are ringing, and I have received long distance calls saying, 'Thanks for the chimes ringing once again.'
(I was interested to read) the opinion of the publisher in your sister paper, "The Atmore Advance" and quite frankly, it offers a very satisfying difference from what I hear in East Brewton. Hopefully, citizens of this community could start considering other concerns and not majoring on the minor.
Jerry Caylor
Editor's note: The column to which Mr. Caylor refers was written by Atmore Advance publisher Adam Prestridge and refers to the restoration at First Baptist of Atmore of chimes silenced by Hurricane Ivan.

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