Letters to the editor

Published 1:22 am Monday, April 25, 2005

By Staff
Coach not satisfied with coverage
I'm writing this on behalf of the East Brewton Youth Programs. In the past years when Brewton teams where beating EB 9-10 year old I (saw) nice photos and good coverage but when (like this year) East Brewton beats Brewton teams there is very little in the paper and it is about five days late. Could you please tell me why that is?
Another footnote for you, East Brewton has yet to lose to a Brewton team on the 9-10 year olds. Also East Brewton has to beg the Brewton Standard for any Youth football coverage but rest assured that all of Brewton will be in there, win or lose.
Just to set the record straight for the Brewton Standard Information the East Brewton Youth Football has Two Championship Trophy's unlike Brewton which has 0.
Frankie Godwin
East Brewton Youth Football President (9-10 year old Assistant Coach)
9-10 year old Assistant Coach for East Brewton Baseball (Braves)
Editor's note: Reports on all Brewton Little League, East Brewton Little League and interleague games played through April 15 had appeared in the Brewton Standard through the April 20 edition, as have photos from both league's Opening Day ceremonies. Game photos will increase as the school sports year winds down.
The Brewton Standard relies on outside sources for information on youth league sporting activities. Little League reports are supplied by the respective league presidents.