Children offer thoughts on honoring mothers

Published 3:02 am Monday, May 9, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES Features writer
Today we celebrate Mother's Day by honoring those who do so much for their children. On Mother's Day, everybody thinks about their mothers and children have their own ideas about why mothers should have their own special day and how it should be spent.
Madelyn Barnes plans to get her mother some flowers. "That's what she wants," she said. "We are also going to New York to see my Aunt Pamela. Then when we get back we are going to Range to my Maw Maw's house."
Caleb Winton says that his mother does a lot of baby-sitting. "We are going to give her breakfast in bed for Mother's Day," he said. "We also plan on giving her the movie, 'Miss Congeniality' because she wants to see it."
Caleb's twin brother, Joshua Winton, summed it all up with "mothers are special and God made them perfect."
Jordan Bowens is going to make it very simple. "I'm giving my mother some flowers, probably a rose."
Jeremiah Mitchell said that his mother is a detective and finds homes for abused children.
Ian McPherson plans on giving his mother some flowers for Mother's Day. "She gets very tired and takes naps all day. She's having a baby and she is very funny. She slipped and fell right in the swimming pool."
Tyler Hoomes said he wants to give his mother a break on Mother's Day.
"She works really hard and she deserves it," he said. "I may give her some fried ham to eat. She's funny though. I don't think she can tell colors apart."
After a pause he said, "I just made that one up."
Haley Reiss plans on her mother having a real treat. "I am going to play and stay out of her way so she can have a hot bath. She works really hard at the post office. She gives everybody the mail and she plays lots of games with me."
Shayn Bradley wants to give her mother a break also.
"She needs a break from my brother and sisters," she said. "I'll bake her something nice in my Easy-bake oven and put some tape on my brother's mouth. My mother is funny. When she goes to sleep, she snores really loud and her legs shake."
Emonea Curry has a very busy mother. "She works four jobs and is very smart. She has a little baby to look after. I think I'll give her a dog for Mother's Day, but it can stay in my room."
Christopher Swain certainly has an imagination, not only about Mother's Day, but about everything else.
Erin Wade says her mother works very hard.

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