Volleyball has been a growing time for Peacocks

Published 4:03 am Monday, May 16, 2005

By By BRUCE HIXON Sports Editor
(First in a series)
When Sharon Peacock contemplated about taking over the head coaching position of the soon-to-be-born T.R. Miller Lady Tigers volleyball program back in 2002, she knew she would have to deal with the situation of having to coach soon-to-be freshman daughter Terri Lynne.
Although she had no volleyball background when asked to coach the Lady Tigers, Sharon Peacock accepted the challenge of not only coaching the program but coaching her daughter.
Although the elder Peacock has taught both of her daughters in the classroom at T.R. Miller, she said the situation is totally different on the court.
While Terri Lynne Peacock, who plays setter and will be a senior next season, admits there has been an occasional clash with mom/coach, she said most of the time she is able to separate parent from coach.
Even on the court, one area where Sharon Peacock is still "Mom" for Terri Lynne is in title.
Sharon Peacock said she usually does not have problems separating player from daughter.
Terri Lynne Peacock said members of the volleyball team do not confide in her about possible disagreements or questions they have about the way her mom runs the Lady Tigers.
There have been times when the Peacocks have gone to other family members and discussed "on-the-court" moments.
been doing things, but as a whole Jamie doesn't have a lot of volleyball knowledge so she'll just mainly listen," Terri Lynne Peacock said.
There have also been occasions where Sharon Peacock has talked to husband, Terry, about how to deal with their Terri Lynne concerning on-the-court situations.
One of the top headaches for parents who coach their children revolves around how much playing time that child gets. Terri Lynne has started for the Lady Tigers since her freshman season.
In addition to playing time, issuing special awards can also be a tricky situation. Last year Sharon Peacock awarded Terri Lynne Peacock the Lady Tigers' Most Valuable Player Award.
From Terri Lynne Peacock's standpoint, at home there is mom. At school, there is mom. Then when she goes to practice, there is mom again. Does she ever get too much of a good thing?
Those days will actually come quicker than they realize.