Prepare for hurricanes before season begins

Published 4:41 am Monday, May 23, 2005

By Staff
Were you among the frustrated ones searching a sold-out local department store for flashlight batteries as storms approached last year? Did you wish for lamp oil or other hard-to-find staples in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan?
As many among us still struggle with recovery from Hurricane Ivan, it's difficult to believe that hurricane season is almost upon us again. Today marks the end of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, and we encourage our readers to take note.
Experts in the National Weather Service predict 12 to 15 named storms this year, and expect that seven to nine of the storms will be hurricanes and three to five will be major hurricanes.
While we are hopeful that Escambia County would be spared one of those most unwelcome visitors this year, no one can be certain that we will be spared.
We encourage our readers to note that the season is about to begin, and to plan how their families will react to a threatening storm while the memories of Surviving Ivan are fresh

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