First jobs can provide great experience

Published 5:36 am Wednesday, June 1, 2005

By By LYDIA GRIMES Features writer
High school seniors have graduated and the next stop is either a job or going to college – maybe both. However, not everybody's first job is perfect. Some are less than perfect and quite possibly laboring. According to some Brewton residents, first jobs are often a necessary step into the right direction.
Lawrence Weaver may be the city of Brewton's fire chief, but he logged in a few hours in the construction business after high school.
"I worked for an uncle in the Smoky Mountains – we were building cabins. I worked with a brick mason from Argentina. He was very good but all I did was learn how to mix mortar and 'tote' bricks," Weaver said.
Greg Tucker also works at the fire department and knew early-on that his first job wasn't what he saw himself doing in the future.
"I got a job as a trainee selling insurance and collecting money for insurance," Tucker said. "I found out it wasn't for me, so I went back to school at Ed Reid Technical College. I then went to work for Mr. Goodwrench at J.M. Chevrolet."
There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of close relationships in order to land that first job. Robert Crenshaw said he was working for his dad when he graduated.
"I just kept on working with him painting houses," he said. "In fact I helped him until his death and still do some painting now."
So, with job ideas in mind, what do some of the residents advise recent graduates as they head out on their own.
Pam Wyatt works at East Brewton City Hall. She thinks they should go to college.
"I would tell a high school graduate to go on to college," she said. "There are so many more career choices for those who go to college. I wish I had gone on, but I didn't."
Terrance Prime thinks graduates should do what makes them happy.
"I think they should pursue their dream, whether they go to college or not…and welcome to the real world," he said
Steve Parker, who works for the state of Alabama, believes that students should to on to college.
"Go to college immediately and get as much education as you can," he said. "The longer you wait, the more likely you won't go – life changes. With an education, the possibilities are enormous. More jobs are available if you have the education."

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