McGougins trace roots to Scotland

Published 5:32 am Wednesday, June 1, 2005

By Staff
I thought I would get back to a particular family this week. It is a family that is very recognizable around the Appleton area. This material was originally submitted to the "Heritage of Escambia County" book by Faye Hicks.
Archibald McGugan came from Scotland to North Carolina by 1790. He had at least three sons, Neil, John and Duncan.
Neil McGugan was born about 1790 and fought in the Indian War under Andrew Jackson being stationed at Ft. Early. He was married to Margaret, who may have been a Carraway. He apparently died between 1834 and 1840.
Among his children was a son named Calvin Carroway McGugin. (Note the change in the spelling of the name over the years.)
Calvin Carroway McGugin was born about 1827 and married Mary Williams, May 10, 1846 in Early County, Ga. She was born about 1829, the daughter of Jessie Williams and Elizabeth Brooks. The couple first appears in land records in Monroe County in 1854. They then moved to Conecuh County, in that part which would later become Escambia County.
There are 12 known children who were Elizabeth McGougin who married Josiah O'Ferrell Oct. 20, 1869; Valona McGougin (May 2, 1848-Nov. 21, 1927) who married Williams James Godwin; Mary McGougin; Margaret Rosana McGougin; Riana McGougin who married Arthur Watson; Annie Arson McGougin (Oct. 10, 1868-April 5, 1911) who married George I. Smith; Laura McGougin; Susan McGougin who married Henry Godwin; Crovana McGougin who married Daniel Jeff Cain; Cornelius McGougin (1865-1928) who married Artie Missie Burch; Calvin Carroway McGougin (1849-1935) who married Martha Jane Steele and then Rebecca Maddox; and Syrene Richard McGougin (Oct. 10, 1868-Feb. 20, 1948 who married Annie Laura Steele.
Calvin Carroway McGougin was a country doctor and military pension records show that he entered the Civil War on May 13, 1862, at Mobile serving as a private in Co. K, 29th Regiment, Alabama Infantry. He was wounded in battle May 1864, at Resaca, Ga.
Valona McGougin married William James Godwin (April 13, 1853-Feb. 2, 1926) They are both buried at Weaver Cemetery on Appleton Road. According to family tradition, he was almost seven feet tall while she was less than five feet tall. Their children were Mamie McGougin (April 22, 1878-May 18, 1928) who married Henry Warr; Amanda McGougin (April 22, 1878) who married LeGrand Wilson; Eliza McGougin (Aug. 4, 1883) who married Andrew J. Singleton; Sally McGougin (July 14, 1881) who married Joe Beasley; Vanner McGougin who married Robert Smith, and George Genjamin McGougin (July 26, 1888-Oct. 16, 1942) who married Lillie Emily Hawkins.
I hope, if you relate to any of these people, you will find a little bit more than you already knew.