Brewton team ranks 35th

Published 5:55 am Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Move over Bill Nye The Science Guy! The Brewton Middle School Science Olympiad team recently demonstrated that they're among the best "scientists" in the nation.
BMS students proved that when it comes to science they are just as capable as any other school in the nation by placing 35 out of 60 at this year's national competition in Illinois. Achieving 35 out of 60 isn't half bad for this small town of approximately 4,000 residents.
In fact, one of the teams placed fifth in the Mission Possible event. With that machine, a ball has to go through a series of energy exchanges, Brown said, and at
the very end it hits a trigger that is supposed to lift a toy car above the height of the entire device.
It has to be done in 60 seconds and the BMS student twosome manning the event achieved a time of 59.56 seconds.
The students who participated in the near-perfect match were Mabry Cook and Malcolm McMillan. Community coach for that event was Sammy Weaver, who has been helping coach the Science Olympiad team for this event for the past five years.
While the top six medals are the only ones they call out, other teams placed 13, 14 and 16 in different event slots, and Brown said they did an "outstanding" job.
Twenty-five students traveled by bus to the University of Illinois. While 15 students participated on the competitive level, 10 alternates who earned the spots during the competition year for different events were along for the ride. In fact, Brown said, they participated in separate events.
That's not the only edge team sponsors are looking to acquire. Workshops will be held throughout the summer with the first one scheduled for Friday.

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