Cook's Corner

Published 6:17 am Wednesday, June 8, 2005

By By Lisa Tindell
I hope that you enjoyed the recipes last week for a variety of salads. I made classic potato salad for my Memorial Day outing and there was not one potato chunk left. There's nothing more enjoyable for a cook than to take home empty containers from a gathering. I love an empty dish!
As promised, this week's column is being devoted to salad dressings. These dressings, in most cases, call for a very simple ingredient list and very little work. Just a little elbow action with a whisk or you can work out your finger by pushing the buttons on your blender. The method of preparation is usually "cook's choice."
I found a great deal of pleasure making salad dressings after a visit to Disney World last year. My family and I enjoyed the famous "Polynesian Luau" and I was overwhelmed at how delicious the Mango Salad Dressing was on our first course. My husband, being the ranch-style dressing type, said he wasn't too impressed but that it was OK. I made a comment to the waitress about how much I liked the dressing. When she delivered our dessert to the table, she handed me a pre-printed card with the salad dressing recipe! What a thrill!!!
I prepared the dressing a few weeks after we returned home (had to find out the best way to know when a mango is ripe) and was amazed at how good it turned out! I don't have my recipe handy here at the office to share with you, but you can just ask for it the next time you are at the Polynesian Resort at Disney World. If you really need the recipe before your next trip, drop me a line by email and I'll be glad to forward it to you. My email address is
Now, on to recipes I do have handy

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