LEMONADE! Best with lots of ice

Published 7:34 am Monday, June 20, 2005

By By Mary-Allison Lancaster and Julie Russell
If life deals you lemons, then make lemonade - so the saying goes.
It has officially become summertime with heat indexes reaching more than 90 degrees. A few young entrepreneurs each summer decide to take advantage of the heat and earn a little money by making batches of lemonade and selling each cup at a reasonable cost.
Some are lucky with customers, others aren't so lucky. Location appears to be the key. When setting up a lemonade stand, try to set it up where customers have easy access for purchasing the cold cup of thirst quenching lemonade.
On Wednesday, several kids were out hawking the drinks and having fun in the process.
Sisters Makayla and Miranda Cutts enticed their customers with their colorful signs.
The sisters decided to mix up the choices and add several new flavors so customers had a hodgepodge of choices.
The girls made lemonade, tea, and tropical punch, and sold the drinks at 50 cents per cup. Miranda said that despite the heat, she was motivated by earning money.
The girls stayed outside for a few hours, taking only a small break to eat sandwiches.
Jessica Allan, 9, and her sister Sarah, 11, were selling lemonade at their grandparent's home, Dot and Hayden Allan, on Belleville before lunch on Wednesday.
The girls were selling pink lemonade and regular lemonade while they sat in the shade and escaped the heat.
Dot said that lemonade stands are fun and are a great way to keep children preoccupied – especially when children get bored and there tends to be nothing else to do. Drivers and walkers, keep your eyes peeled and quench your thirst with some nice, cold lemonade.

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